Stay Cool in Summer Styles Starting at Size 14

2009 summer dresses for all the ladies with curvy sizes 14 and up have a surprisingly low maintenance yet elegant appeal. This summer’s collections all seem to follow a theme of fun and easy combined with classic and feminine. Many of the dresses show off curves. They showcase simple lines that flatter and delicate patterns that emphasize voluptuousness in a flattering manner. Perhaps fashion is once again appreciating women with a shape?

From Victoria’s Secret to Macy’s, light in material texture and in color, sun dresses are hot and reasonably priced from $49 to $99 for the size 14 woman. Lane Bryant, the plus size giant of woman’s clothing offers a variety of wrap dresses, very sexy numbers, short and long in length. Show some skin or play it innocent, it’s all there this summer. These dresses are perfect for evening out at the clubs with your girls or that first dinner date with that guy you met on MySpace.

When the days of “heroin sheik” ruled the magazines and starlets were modeled after coat hangers, it was near impossible for a healthy sized girl to find a stylish summer dress. Today, we know that women come in all sizes and the availability of these sizes can be seen in current dress collections.

For the ladies with a more wild and edgy sense of style, Torrid is the place to go. Torrid serves sizes 12 and up and offers that punk, rock and roll fashion girl, a selection of dresses that are sure to please. From retro to Gothic pieces and club wear, this modern gal’s boutique will deck you out from just $39. Going to a show or do you just want to be the show? Torrid gets an A+ for their flashy styles.

The more conservative or mature curvy woman should check out Jacqueline Smith’s summer collection. Feminine and classic, these dresses come in floral and solids, and are easy on the pocket books, starting at $29. The collection is suitable for casual days at the office as well as afternoons at the country club or family barbecues.

Whether you’re hitting the town, walking through the park, or stuck at the office, look smart! This summer’s dresses have a little bit of everything for all the 14 and ups. So, before you order from that old catalog or buy something online that you haven’t even tried on, get to the boutiques and department stores and find all that is available to you!