Evening Dresses Size 14

I love to shop for clothes, and evening clothes can be even more fun. Being a size 14 isn’t so bad, there are many choices of beautiful evening dresses for that special occasion. I’ve noticed that there are so many choices for evening dresses from size 0 to size 44. It’s also amazing that the same dress can be available in all of those sizes. Except for the clingy, form-fitting styles for the smaller figure, I found the same dress in many sizes.

Choosing a store to shop in is also fun. Being a size 14, there are also the plus size stores to try. These actually start with size 14 and go up to size 44. In the plus size stores, and even online shopping, black is the most common color. Black is supposed to make you look thinner, so I guess that makes sense.

One brand I find attractive are the Alex Evenings. They come at an affordable price and are available at many department stores. There are also several other color choices besides black. There are blues, pale mint greens, lavender and others. The variety runs from sleeveless knee length styles to long with long sleeves. There are also pretty evening jacket and dress sets.

I found online the Sydney’s Closet designer brand. Again, black is the popular color, however, in size 14, there are corals and bright reds to pick from. The sale prices bring some of the dresses under $100, however, most of them to start with are between $200 to $300.

Emporio Armani has a line of designer evening dresses in size 14. I notice that Armani has several dresses that come above the knee in his line. There are a lot of sleeveless styles in bright colors that are beautiful.
These dresses, however, tend to come with a higher price tag, but you can always check out a sale.

Jovani likes to have many evening dresses in the empire waist style. Red is a popular color in this designer brand. There are also several long halter style dresses. Jovani has a lot of choices that emphasize the fuller flared or pleated long lengths. These are comfortable when sitting or dancing, not worrying about pulling that short dress down. The Jovani collection is higher in price than the other brands I have talked about. Ranging from $300 to $700 they are expensive.

If you’re like me, though, if you really love an evening dress, you’ll spend whatever it takes to wear something that you look beautiful in.

Make your Hunt for a Plus Size Wedding Dress Less Frustrating and More Fun!

I remember the excitement that came over me as I prepared for my first wedding dress fitting.
I had watched hundreds of brides before me go in for theirs on my favorite television shows.
The situation was always the same. They’d try on a few dresses, each one looking more perfect than the last
and then they’d take their pick. Well, my fitting went less smoothly, because I wasn’t your average bride.
I was a bride in need of a size fourteen wedding dress. It wasn’t easy, but I found my dream dress, and so can you. Read on to learn how to go about your search for the perfect wedding dress without losing a pound…or your mind!

Know Your Measurements

Knowing your exact measurements is key to making sure your dress fits you properly. You don’t want anything hanging out or over. I know, it’s tempting to make guesses on your dress size because we all want to go a bit smaller, but you don’t want to have to call in an army to assist you with getting dressed on your big day. It pays to pay your local seamstress or tailor a visit to get your approximate measurements and avoid any dress malfunctions.

Give the Bridal Shop a Head Up on Your Measurements

The best bridal shop sales person can appear a bit ignorant when dealing with a plus sized bride.
To avoid putting your bridal shop’s sales person on the spot, give them a heads up when you call in to book your fitting. Let them know you are seeking a dress in size fourteen (or higher) and the style you want so they can plan ahead and have some set out upon your arrival.

Get a Fierce Full Figured Gown

Whether you are going in for fittings or on a budget and need less expensive resources, you can find a dress that’s fierce for your figure. David’s Bridal has a great selection of bridal gowns in sizes fourteen and up. PlusSizeBridal.com is another good place to look. Sometimes it helps to get unconventional in your search and check out prom and quinceanera gowns (my own gown was a lovely ball gown style quinceanera dress).
You’ll save some cash and a headache by doing this!

Now that you know how to go about finding your perfect plus size wedding dress, there’s only one thing left to do – have a happy dress hunt and get ready to turn heads as you make your way down the aisle looking voluminous and vivacious!

Popular Dresses for Any Occasion

Finding the perfect dress can be a tricky situation. You do not want to show up to any special event wearing a dress that was in style ten years ago. You will also want to find a dress that fits your figure correctly, you don’t want to be fidgeting all night in a dress that makes you feel uncomfortable. Finding the right dress depends on what type of event you are going to be attending and what you feel comfortable in.

It is wedding season right now, so if you’re invited to an up and coming wedding you’ll want to look hot in a stylish new dress. If the wedding is a formal event then you’ll want to choose a long length dress or at least below the knees. Spaghetti straps are very popular right now as well as halter top style or even strapless. If the wedding is semi-formal you can wear the same style dress but knee-length would also be acceptable. You can find inexpensive yet beautiful dresses at the Gap that are perfect for a wedding.

Prom is an experience that every girl looks forward to. It’s your night to shine and look like a princess. Finding the right prom dress for you depends on your own personal style and what you are comfortable in. A popular style is a sexy halter long dress with crisscross beaded straps. You will be showing a little bit of skin but in a classy and not trashy way. Go out on a limb and be sassy and flirty by wearing a dress designed by Mori Lee; its mid-thigh length, strapless and is a one of a kind orange burst color.

Every woman needs to have at least one little black dress in her closet. These are perfect for the random girls night out or to go to a cocktail party. Nicole Miller designs beautiful cocktail dresses. Monif C designed a gorgeous black crystal beaded black cocktail dress that is perfect for any event that you want to get decked out and really feel like a woman.

If you’ve never worn a strapless dress you need to give it a try. They are in style right now and are beautiful especially paired with the right accessories. You need to have at least one dress in your closet that makes you feel like a million bucks to wear to special occasions, shop around until you find the style that you are comfortable with.

Stay Cool in Summer Styles Starting at Size 14

2009 summer dresses for all the ladies with curvy sizes 14 and up have a surprisingly low maintenance yet elegant appeal. This summer’s collections all seem to follow a theme of fun and easy combined with classic and feminine. Many of the dresses show off curves. They showcase simple lines that flatter and delicate patterns that emphasize voluptuousness in a flattering manner. Perhaps fashion is once again appreciating women with a shape?

From Victoria’s Secret to Macy’s, light in material texture and in color, sun dresses are hot and reasonably priced from $49 to $99 for the size 14 woman. Lane Bryant, the plus size giant of woman’s clothing offers a variety of wrap dresses, very sexy numbers, short and long in length. Show some skin or play it innocent, it’s all there this summer. These dresses are perfect for evening out at the clubs with your girls or that first dinner date with that guy you met on MySpace.

When the days of “heroin sheik” ruled the magazines and starlets were modeled after coat hangers, it was near impossible for a healthy sized girl to find a stylish summer dress. Today, we know that women come in all sizes and the availability of these sizes can be seen in current dress collections.

For the ladies with a more wild and edgy sense of style, Torrid is the place to go. Torrid serves sizes 12 and up and offers that punk, rock and roll fashion girl, a selection of dresses that are sure to please. From retro to Gothic pieces and club wear, this modern gal’s boutique will deck you out from just $39. Going to a show or do you just want to be the show? Torrid gets an A+ for their flashy styles.

The more conservative or mature curvy woman should check out Jacqueline Smith’s summer collection. Feminine and classic, these dresses come in floral and solids, and are easy on the pocket books, starting at $29. The collection is suitable for casual days at the office as well as afternoons at the country club or family barbecues.

Whether you’re hitting the town, walking through the park, or stuck at the office, look smart! This summer’s dresses have a little bit of everything for all the 14 and ups. So, before you order from that old catalog or buy something online that you haven’t even tried on, get to the boutiques and department stores and find all that is available to you!

Prom Dress Tips for a Size 14

The prom is one of the most important events in your high school career. The memory of that night will be one that you will carry with you long after graduation. Shopping for that special dress can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you are a plus sized girl. Don’t worry. There are a lot of beautiful dresses to choose from if you wear a size 14. Here are a few tricks you can use to flatter those gorgeous curves, and make your date the envy of all the other boys. But more importantly, you’ll make all your friends really jealous!

There are two keys words you should keep in mind when shopping for a plus sized prom dress: minimize and accentuate. You want to minimize the areas of your body that you aren’t comfortable with, and accentuate the ones you are. If you have great legs, shows them off. If your bust is spectacular, don’t hide it. Just remember to not show too much. You don’t want to be “that girl”. You know, the one that all the other girls snicker at in the ladies’ room, and call a “tramp”! Try the dress on as well. Just because it looks good on the mannequin, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

A-line skirts look great on any body shape. Keep this style in mind if you are a girl with bigger hips. This style will flow over your hips beautifully, especially if you choose one that also has a little ruching. Empire waisted dresses are a great option if you have a heavier tummy area. Wear a shawl over your shoulders if you’ve not comfortable with your upper arms. A princess style dress is also a great choice. It will completely conceal all your lower body flaws. Besides, is that any other time in your life that you can dress like a princess, and get away with?

There is one last thing to remember when shopping for that one special dress: buy the size you wear now. Don’t buy you dress three months in advance, and four sizes smaller. We’ve all been there. You and I both know (because I’ve done this myself) that you won’t go on that diet you’ve been planning to go on for two years. Be true to yourself, and love your curves. You will look beautiful, if you buy a dress that fits your body style.